L&P Global Security is a Texas-based private security services provider. We provide services including security officers, bodyguard services, executive protection services, patrolling, security monitoring systems both on-site or remote and more.

The philosophy of L&P Global Security is to provide quality service to our clients through our highly trained and professional security consultants. Our loyalty, honesty and reliable communication with clients have aided in the rapid growth of L&P Global Security. We strive to provide cost-effective and quality driven security with unwavering attention to every clients’ needs.

We are premier in performing security for both businesses and personal needs. Trained professional security agents conduct all services and operations. A few of our clients include insurance companies, federal agencies, dignitaries and the general public.


Our mission is to provide high-level professional security services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We conduct research and develop new methods of operation to improve the quality of our services. Also, we offer services to design security strategies to handle your complex security needs better.


Our executive management team has more than 35 years of experience in the Private security industry. Our executive team has experience with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Marshall services, the US Department of Labor and US Mines. Our team previously worked with the University of Montana, Gazprom, and many European businesses. Additionally, members of the L & P Global Security team has worked with the Mexican government and Mexican police.

Hiring a professional security company for your house and/or corporate office allows you to sleep peacefully at night. Only the best security companies in the country have the knack for providing a one-stop security solution to their clients. Luckily, you do not have to look far for a security company in Dallas Texas anymore. L&P Global Security is one of the most premier, well-equipped and tech-savvy security companies in Texas.


We have the necessary workforce as well as technologies to provide top-of-the-line security services to all our clients. Our comprehensive list of services includes the following:

Security Officers

We have an entire fleet of highly trained security officers to help you keep your office and residential properties safe.

Bodyguard Services

With a complete line-up of bodyguards, we hold the title of being one of the best security companies in Dallas. You can rely on our team of trained and fit bodyguards to put their life on the line to protect you from any imminent danger.

Executive Protection Services

From sedentary to on-travel executive protection services, we do it all. If you are planning on coming to Texas and do not want to bring your own bodyguards with you, contact us to know more about our protection plans.


We also provide patrolling services for 24 hours human surveillance of a society/site. We take up the responsibility to provide wholesome complete security to people at all kinds of high-level corporate and government events. Our team of bodyguards is equipped with the necessary firearms and tactics to protect you against any impending threat.

On-Site Security Monitoring Systems

Our most popular service for security in Dallas is the on-site monitoring systems. Here, we couple the best features of human surveillance as well as CCTV surveillance to avert the chances of any blind spots at the facility.

Remote Security Monitoring Systems

The latest gizmos power the remote security monitoring systems at L&P Global Security for 24x7 surveillance of your property. We can have fully trained and alert security officers continuously monitoring your property for any looming threats. Our security officers are equipped with tools to contact you, as well as the nearby local authorities, to take immediate action in case of any suspicious activity.

If you are looking for the best security companies in Dallas Texas, do not look any further. Our team at L&P Global Security has got you covered for a wholesome security.


Why Choose Us
  • Tech Savvy – As your security provider, L&P Global Security is proficient in the use of modern technology. For example, we offer our clients the choice to have our security officers and patrol vehicles equipped with body and dash cameras. By providing video camera technology to officers while protecting your property, we are providing you with a real-time review of any incidents. Security incidents can be addressed as they happen on your property. The level of technology implemented is based on our client's requirements and budget.

  • Highly Trained Officers – At L&P Global Security, we invest heavily in training our security officers. In addition to the state required training courses, we give additional mandatory training to our security personnel in crisis management, general defensive techniques, emergency response procedures, critical incident response, evacuation procedures, disaster preparedness, CPR, occupational safety and health requirement, fire protection, as well as how to handle disruptive people and non-violent dispute resolution.

  • Security Consulting Services – L&P Global Security offers its security consulting services at no additional cost to all its clients.

  • Threat Awareness and Avoidance Course – L&P Global Security also created a Threat Awareness and Avoidance course made available to our clients and their staff. The course covers topics such as; how the criminal selects victims, how to properly use your eyes & ears to protect yourself, control of fear & anger, avoiding threatening situations, how to remain secure in your car & home, your legal rights in self-defense, rape, date rape, and how to survive a confrontation.

  • Extensive Experience – L&P Global Security's executive management team brings over 35 years of experience in the security industry to our clients. Our expertise is in commercial and government security contract services, both domestic and foreign. Domestically, we have provided services to government agencies such as the FBI, Department of Labor US Department of Mines and Statistic, the National Wildlife Federation, as well as the US Marshall Service as D.S.O, and a police instructor. 

    Abroad, members of our team have provided services to foreign corporations such as Gazprom and international associations such as the European Business Congress. Working directly with foreign governments, we have given security training in countries such as Mexico, Russia and trained both security and police personnel in Eastern Europe and Central America. L&P Global Security's executive team members have provided security services protecting such items as the Stanley Cup, personal items of the late Princess Diana.

  • Employee Selection, Hiring and Orientation – At L&P Global Security we take security guard selection very seriously by screening each employee carefully. During the hiring interview, the hiring manager covers rules and regulations with each potential employee. Upon hiring, we train employees, not the least in the company policies and procedures and give a set of rules and regulations and a booklet on safety. We cover these rules in detail, and the employee is required to sign a copy as an indication of understanding and acknowledgment. All of L&P Global Security's employees have also undergone an extensive background and criminal check by both the Department of Public Safety and the FBI. We will have verified a minimum of four references before hiring candidates, among other strict hiring procedures.

  • Job Coordination and Control – To assure quality and performance, L&P Global Security's operation managers visit you periodically and provide the necessary liaison between your office and ours.  The operation manager will be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of your property and its security needs. The manager's main function will be to see that all requirements are carried out and that any necessary changes in the service initiated by you are implemented without delay. In addition, our managers will be responsible for holding a service review meeting with you or your designee, to review operations, accomplishments, and concerns. When necessary, the operation manager will set new objectives for the security staff.

  • L&P Global Security's Commitment to You - The importance of efficient and professional security services cannot be overstated. L&P Global Security offers a highly cost-competitive program with expert managers who are thoroughly trained in the techniques required to protect facilities such as yours. Our managers will work with you to provide the highest standards of security. Other components of our program offered are trained supervisors and staff personnel, the application of proven security techniques, better staffing patterns, and more efficient job routines through work schedules.

  • Wide Spectrum - L&P Global Security serves, commercial office buildings, hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, retail complexes, construction sites, hotels, residential homes, apartments, special events, as well as local, state and federal government facilities.

We at L&P Global Security believe that our security program will provide your business with MAXIMUM VALUE for security dollars spent



Meet Our Experienced Team Members
Vincent J. Venegoni

Vincent J. Venegoni

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Venegoni has more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement. He served as a member of the board of directors for two security service corporations and was the president and CEO of one said company prior to joining L&P Security. Mr. Venegoni was responsible for the overall business operations of the corporation including two international police and security training academies, two guard and patrol service companies, international police and security instructions, personal protection services to individuals, U.S. foreign diplomats and foreign heads of state. As a distinguished graduate of Security Sciences Institute, Ft. Worth, Texas, Mr. Venegoni’s security experience in Texas includes working as a licensed security consultant, private investigator, security instructor, commissioned security officer and a licensed Texas security company


compliance manager. His law enforcement experience includes working as a police patrol officer, police instructor, reserve deputy constable and DSO for the U.S. Marshal Service and U.S Department of Justice. As a military veteran, Mr. Venegoni was honorably discharged from the United States Coast Guard after serving in aid to navigation, law enforcement, search and rescue and Captain CGD2 MK Training Unit. Mr. Venegoni continued to serve his country in a volunteer capacity with the U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary. In 2004, he was appointed Division Staff Officer and Career Counselor for the 8th Coast Guard District division 10 for the purpose of recruiting cadets to the United States Coast Guard Academy, New London CT. In 2006, he was appointed Division Staff Officer and Public Affairs for division 10. During this time, Mr. Venegoni was a recipient of the Presidential Unit Citation given to the U.S. Coast Guard for its work in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Venegoni has excellent skills in management, communications, human resources, public relations, training and contract administration. He has created more than 200 jobs in the local Dallas/Fort Worth area. In addition, he has employed and managed more than 2,000 people worldwide.



L&P Global Security provides the proper amount of well-trained uniform security officers to protect your property.


Not your typical security drive-thru. Patrols can be random or scheduled for a specific time.

Life can be unpredictable. L&P Global Security is there for you when disasters such as weather, fires or accidents require temporary on-site security.

Our Electronic Guard Tour System provides digital proof to our clients that our services were rendered.






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